PROTECT YOUR JAVASCRIPT CODE FOR FREE allows you to protect the Javascript code of your webpages or .JS external files (without slowing down your website or affecting the loading time). By protecting yur Javascript Codes you can prevent other people from stealing your Javascript Codes and protect your website to be cloned.


Page with Unprotected Javascript Code:
Page with Protected Javascript Code:
(To verify the codes of this examples, visit these pages and then right click on: "VIEW SOURCE CODE")

Currently, the theft of Java Script codes is so common that the only way to prevent the theft of your source code is by obfuscating the JavaScript code, which you can do for free on this website.

(If you also want to protect your HTML files you can visit:
or if you want to protect your PHP files, visit:

(Enter the Complete Javascript Code, including the special tags: <script> and </script>)

Enter the JavaScript Code you want to protect or encrypt: (View an Example of a Javascript Code)

If you want to try this service for free, you can enter the Free Trial Password wich is: demo

(Note: The Free Trial Password: "demo", will allow you to try the protected code for FREE for 5 days, after the trial period expires your code will continue to work without any problem, but a text will be displayed indicating that your code has been protected Free in our website, If you don't want to have any of these messages in your protected javascript code, you can buy a Password below, either right now or after the trial period has expired.)

(The trial password, to try this service for free, is: demo)

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After entering your password above, the source code will be already encoded inside a text box, which you can copy to replace it in your original source code and upload it to your website. (Note: Before replacing any file on your site, you must generate a backup of your original files separately)

The encryption of your code is completely clean, without adding any tracking system, cookies or malicious code, as other "free" encryption systems do, we never save the Javascript codes entered, and we do not offer the service of decrypting codes encrypted by our system. which makes our website a completely safe, secure and reliable solution for our users, compared to hundreds of "free" solutions on the internet.


If you want to protect your JAVASCRIPT code without showing any reminder after the trial period, you can buy a password to protect your Javascript Codes, which you will receive by email, in less than 24 hours, after paying from any country through Western Union, Moneygram, Bitcoin, or through an International Transfer or Deposit at Banco Industrial de Guatemala, according to these indications:

We offer 3 types of passwords, which can be purchased according to the instructions described below. The 3 types of passwords we offer are:

1. A Basic Password (one single usage), which will allow you to protect 1 Javascript code, without any recurring cost. (ideal for encoding 1 single Javascript code)

2. A Valid Password for 1 Month durability, which will allow you to unlimitedly protect all your Javascript Codes for 1 month, without any recurring cost at the end of the month. (ideal for a webmaster).

3. A Valid Password for 1 Year durability, which will allow you to unlimitedly protect all your Javascript Codes for 1 year, without any recurring cost at the end of the year. (ideal for Programmers and Developers).

Any of these purchased password allows you to protect Javascript codes without any alteration to the operation of your original Javascript Codes.

If you want to buy a password to protect your JAVASCRIPT codes, your purchased password will be sent to your email address in less than 24 hours after paying through Western Union, Moneygram, Bitcoin, or through an International Transfer or Deposit at Banco Industrial de Guatemala according to the indications described below.

To buy a password, first read the notes located at the end of this page and then click on the type of password you want to buy:

Later, after making your deposit, you must send an email to to confirm your domain name, the receipt of your deposit and in less than 24 hours we will send you the Password you bought.


Unfortunately, any external .js file can be downloaded by simply typing the full address of the .js file in the browser, which now allows anyone to download their scripts and clone their page.
An example of a visible JS File is:
<script src="logincode_visible.js"> </script>
An example of an encrypted JS File is:
<script src="logincode_encriptado.js"> </script>
(To test these codes, you can create a page called example.html and paste one of the two yellow lines above and upload the example.html file to your hosting.)

If you want to protect the .js files of your website, you must follow these steps:

Step 1. Open with Notepad or Download from your browser the .js file you wish to protect (if your browser does not allow access to your .js file you can download a web browser from: or

Step 2. Usually the .js files are called from an html page with the following format: <script src=js/myjavascriptfile.js></script> , Therefore, you have to edit the downloaded .js file and edit it by placing these tags at the beginning:

... content of your .js file ..

Step 3. Now you just have to completely paste the contents of that .js file into the converter (including the tags: <script> and </script> )

Step 4. Then you must enter the Free Trial Password "demo", or a purchased password, and click on the button below that says [PROTECT JAVASCRIPT CODE]

Step 5. Now you must create a new .js file with the exact name you previously had on your website and upload it to your server (But be careful: you must first make a backup of the original file to be able to edit the original .js if later you need to update it)

Step 6. The new and protected .js file should NOT contain the tags: <script> neither </script> which you have to remove from your new .js file and then you can upload it to your server

Step 7. Finally, you only have to modify the .html file where you invoke the .js file by invoking it with this text: (now if someone downloads your .js file they will only see an encrypted code)

1. Each password is only valid according to the type of password purchased, the Basic password only serves once and only serves to protect 1 Javascript code, the monthly password to protect an unlimited number of Javascript Codes but only for 1 month validation, and the annual password, To protect unlimited number of Javascript Codes for one year.
2. The purchase of your password with us is completely safe and secure, and without any recurrent charge at the end of the month or at the end of the year. (The password will be sent to you by email in less than 24 hours, after you have reported your payment)
3. After purchasing your password, you will receive it in an email with the subject "Purchased Password", if you do not see this email after 24 hours of making your payment, then check your SPAM tray.
4. Your purchase is 100% secure, however, we do Not offer Refund of Payments, therefore, before buying your password, we highly recommend doing first a free trial with the password: demo (The prices shown on this page may change in the future without prior notice).
5. The code protection uses a very very complex algorithm that makes the protected code very difficult to decrypt, preventing your code from being stolen by anyone, however we do not guarantee 100% that the protected code cannot be decrypted by any expert in cryptology.
6. Prices do not include tax, vat, or any type of taxes for any country.
7. The Javascript code encryption must NOT be done in very large files, or in Javascript codes that calls external libraries located on other servers because otherwise the encoding may not work, the protection of your Javascript codes can only be performed in a Full Javascript script without externally combining other Javascript codes. With that beeing said, we do not guarantee the encryption of Javascript codes that do not follow this recommendations.

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